The population of the ring-neck pheasant is now stable and populous in the South Dakota; this was not the case in the past. This bird was introduced to the state of South Dakota in the twentieth century. However after they were introduced they did not manage to extend their population and flourish, but later they were added by the landowners of the South Dakota and they managed to breed and by mid of 20th century South Dakota was the state that had the highest population of the ring-neck birds. As time went on people started to change their livelihood practices from farming to irrigation which was more favorable to the pheasant habitats. After the population of the birds increased the hunting, the birds started to flourish.

Considerations when you begin pheasant hunting


Acquire a suitable gun to use

When starting the guided pheasant hunting, all you need is to consider is acquiring a gun that will be suitable to use. There are several guns available to use for bird hunting. Choose on the lightweights and easy to manipulate for fast aiming and shooting of the birds. Ensure that you research the perfect gun to acquire for the hunting. Acquire a gun that is not very powerful as you may end up harming yourself pick a medium size gun for efficiency and a successful pheasant hunting.

Choose the dog that is good for the hunting art as your companion

Another essential thing to consider when going for hunting is your companion. Usually, hunters prefer being in a dog companion to help in a chase or detecting the prey. Choose a dog that is good at this art, it should not be afraid of the gunshots, and it should be able to move stealthily not to scare the birds as well. Your complaining about this specific hunt should be good at birding and can be able to follow commands without any deviation as the contrary may lead to scaring the Pheasant bird to fly away. Consider renting out a hunting dog if you can’t acquire and train one of this essential specific activity.

Ensure safety of your gun while out for hunting

Safety is one of the key aspects that you should keep in mind when going out for Guided Pheasant Hunting. Ensure that your gun is properly maintained and secured throughout the hunting to avoid any accident that may arise from mishandling. You need to be careful when shooting not to shoot a fellow hunter who may be in the nearby thicket. Always ensure that you start your hunting at the same point and follow a guided formation to avoid a small accident that may arise during the hunt. The guns safety handling should not be compromised at any given point during the hunt.


Taking a guided hunt if you need to make your holiday such interesting is such a fun way to have the most out of your hunting experience out there. It will be interesting if you are merely starting out and very much eager to learn what pheasant hunting may be entailing. Throughout your hunting process, you will be accompanied by guides who will be giving you hunting tips to help you to end successfully.

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